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For more than twenty years of existence, following the market demands and trends of development, we worked intensively on development and production of measuring and testing equipment, as well as the improvement of existing products. All this is in order to obtain new, reliable and flexible devices that will meet customer requirements.

Modern business organization with a strong network of collaborators gives us the flexibility and the capacity for the most demanding problems. On the development and manufacture of devices to a team of top experts.

Today, we can proudly say that we managed to conquire the production of a specific devices for individual and serial testing of electrical appliances, machinery, electrical installations and plants that are rare on the market.

Along with the development of the production program we have improved the existing experiences in the field of testing and inspection of product safety so in addition to standard production range, we provide services of measuring, testing and inspection in the field of electrical engineering. In addition we provide services of designing, servicing and consulting.


The users of our products and services are the power companies, universities, institutes, renowned manufacturers of electrical and electronic devices both domestic and foreign.

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